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Our Terms of Service

Last Modified: Jan 11th, 2023

Terms of Service

Thanks for using our products and services. By accessing this web site, you are agreeing to be bound by these web site Terms and Conditions of Use, all applicable laws and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from using or accessing this site. The materials contained in this web site are protected by applicable copyright and trademark law.

  • This service will only be used for promotional purposes for your photo’s on Instagram and twitter
  • You will not upload anything into this service’s rotation that includes nudity or any material that is not accepted or suitable for the Instagram community.
  • The service sometimes might deliver later than the planned date stated on the website’s order page. This can be completely normal. Contact our support team if your order isn’t delivered in time, they will most likely find a suitable solution. Late delivery does not mean you will get a refund.
  • Late delivery does not mean you will get a refund.
  • The amount you purchase is not guaranteed. It can be a bit more. If it’s less, contact our support team.
  • You use this service on your own risk. We are not responsible for any of the consequences that may occur because of using our service. It’s 100% your own (the buyer/customer) risk.
  • People might in some cases unsubscribe to your channel. If this happens, feel free to contact our support. They will probably find a suitable solution. You dont have the right to claim a refund in this case.
  • Changing your username will permanently stop the refill process, so will making your account private. If you wish to take advantage of our refill program, please don’t make your account private or change your username for 30 days.
  • We offer a 30-day replacement (refill) guarantee on our followers with the following conditions: – The warranty is only applicable for the last order made.
    – We will NOT refill if the followers have dropped below the startcount of the last order for followers for this specific account.
Website Observation:
  • Terms & Conditions: [Terms-of-service applicable to the customers using this website has to be included under this field]
  • Privacy Policy: Inclusion is mandatory and should have the below mentioned points. - "All credit/debit cards details and personally identifiable information will NOT be stored, sold, shared, rented or leased to any third parties".
    - "The Website Policies and Terms & Conditions may be changed or updated occasionally to meet the requirements and standards. Therefore the Customers’ are encouraged to frequently visit these sections in order to be updated about the changes on the website. Modifications will be effective on the day they are posted".
  • Items/Products/Services Pricing: Inclusion is mandatory. [Products/Services Pricing and complete description of the goods or services offered need to be available and accessible while the website is being reviewed by the Acquiring RISK & Fraud team.].
  • Method of Payment, Card Types accepted and Currency: Inclusion is mandatory and should have the below mentioned point. "We accept payments online using Visa and MasterCard credit/debit card in AED (or any other agreed currency)". The logo of the accepted cards are to be mentioned on their Homepage and on their Payment check out page.
  • Delivery & Shipping Policy: Inclusion is mandatory and should have the below mentioned point - Recommended statement is “(Website) will NOT deal or provide any services or products to any of OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control) sanctions countries in accordance with the law of UAE”.
  • Refund/Return Policy: To be included if refunds are offered to the customer. If not it has to be clearly stated on their website that the refunds will not be provided. - Recommended statement is “Refunds will be done only through the Original Mode of Payment”.
  • Address & Contact Details: Inclusion is mandatory.
  • Country of merchant domicile: To be mentioned as UAE.
  • Governing Law and Jurisdiction: Inclusion is mandatory and should have any one of the below mentioned points.
    - “Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this website shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of UAE”.

We strive to provide our users with industry-leading support. For any sales or technical questions, please email us at

Refund and Refund Policy:

Thank you for shopping at Social-Jump. Please read this carefully. This is the Return and Refund Policy of Social-Jump. Digital products. We do not issue refunds for digital products once the order is confirmed and the product is sent. We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products.

If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us:

This is the end of our Terms Of Service. We appreciate you taking your time to throughly read our Terms of Service and understand them! We’re looking forward to servicing you!

You can find us on instagram here and view our services here! If you have any questions, you may contact us using our contact page. Thank you for visiting our Terms of Service!

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