Top 5: How to Get More Views on TikTok Quickly

Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Yik Yak, Imgur, and thousands of others. Every website we use that gives us the ability to create posts works with a motive: automatic content creation generated by the end-user. Everyone who uses the platform and creates a post is in direct competition with everyone else for one thing: attention. Most people are aware that there has been a major shift of focus in the economy, where we have stopped rewarding projects and products that produce value to the buyer. We are now in an attention economy, which means exactly what you would imagine. If you want money, you need to get attention. Not only that, but you must keep the attention, too. Your online profitability, and perhaps reputation, will rely entirely on this one aspect.

How to Get More Views on TikTok

There are a number of things you can do to gain more exposure in TikTok and Instagrams algorithms. As previously mentioned, you need attention. Let’s start here. How do you get attention? Well, there are a number of things to keep in mind that will contribute to the likeableness of your posts, and there is plenty of neat tricks you can employ in your videos to keep a viewer guessing. Let’s go over some aspects you need to keep track of some tips on how to keep attention, as well as how to get recurring viewership.

  1. Understand how the algorithm works
    • Before we get into the algorithm, let’s preface by saying there is far more information that an algorithm takes into account than what we’re about to go over. Let’s start with understanding the algorithm to help us figure out how to get more views on TikTok. For starters, the objective of an algorithm is simple: Keep users on the app. That’s it. There are plenty of measurements about each video that the algorithm will take into account before deciding whether the video is fit for the end-user to consume. One of these measurements is the user’s interests. Videos that are about finances will be much more likely to appear on timelines of financial gurus. The same goes for sports nuts, and so on and so forth. Interaction with a given post will create traction in the algorithm. If one user in a specified category interacts with the post, it will push the video to a couple others. If they also interact, it gets pushed to more. This is how posts go viral. The algorithm pushes a new video to users, who interact, thus expanding the viewership of the video. An interaction can be measured in different ways, and changes from algorithm to algorithm. Take TikTok as an example, which treats liking the video, commenting, clicking the share button, and saving the video all as interactions.
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  2. Create subtitles and intentionally create grammatical errors.
    • While this may sound counterintuitive, grammatical errors can actually help boost your post through the algorithm. Not just by existing, but by manipulating viewers who are helpful into interacting with your posts. Viewers who spot a mistake in subtitling are more likely to create a comment pointing out your “mistake”, further boosting you into the algorithm. Some examples of mistakes could be: writing “change” when the word “chance” was used. Using the wrong “their”, using the wrong word entirely, or swapping out oen character to the wrong spot.
  3. Make sure there are enough frame cuts, but also not too many.
    • Frame cuts renew a users interest in a video. While they won’t save a video that has boring audio (which is another important factor), they will keep the user preoccupied in processing what they’re seeing, as well as wondering what’s next. Frame cuts are a great way to keep the user engaged in the video. Just make sure they’re relevant, and not boring.
  4. Have audio that is active, and interesting to listen to.
    • Audio is also an incredibly important piece to any viral video. When creating a video, remember that you can only engage one or two out of five senses of a viewer. Your viewer can (typically) see and hear your video. For those who are blind, subtitles are a tremendous aid. Videos with subtitles are more likely to be seen by people who are known by the algorithm to have problems hearing, and are more likely to be shown to them, regardless of category. Viewers can’t touch, taste, or smell your video (obviously), so try not to do videos that make a user want to engage those senses, or they will likely scroll away when they realize it’s futile. Good audio is a great way to figuring out how to get more views on TikTok.
  5. Include people you know!
    • This may sound obvious, but one of the best ways to start an audience and grow it is to share with your friends and have them give you their feedback, and also share it with their friends! Although everyone knows how difficult it can be to announce your online presence to your friends (often out of fear they will react poorly), it can only do you good. Your friends are essentially a free audience, and if they share with their friends, can tremendously increase your viewership right off the bat. One of the simplest answers to how to get more views on TikTok is friends.

Closing Notes

While going viral on any platform may not have a calculable formula, you can still use the tips outlined above to increase your chances of going viral, and just to increase your viewership in general. Figuring out how to get more views on TikTok isn’t an overnight process. You don’t need to post anything exceptional to go viral, just something that makes people smile or laugh, that they will want to share with their friends. Consider these tips in your next upload strategy and see how quickly your audience grows!

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